IdentiToken 1.2

IdentiToken 1.2: IdentiToken is a soft-token solution for 2-factor authentications on web sites. Token is a soft-token solution that allows web designers to implement 2-factor authentications on web sites. Such authentication schemes use one element that you "know", e.g. a password or PIN, plus one that you "have", e.g. the "token". For the client side of the login (web browser), users must use the IdentiToken Windows client software to generate time-based tokens for their logins. Each token is valid for one minute. For the server side we have

Callisto_5 1.0: From Chaos to Equilibrium in 25 moves - prove it!
Callisto_5 1.0

Token is movable inside of its belonging row or column. All tokens are floating in one single layer over the game board. Game Board: Background fields are arranged in unique CMean pattern of 5x5 fields. Pattern consists of 6 pathways that are painted by 6 different colors. Tokens are divided in 6 different sets; one-token-set is corresponding to one-pathway. Aim of the game: tokens are transparent, which makes game goal instinctively obvious - match

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CMeanGame-Promo 2.2: CmeanGame Promo - innovative board and puzzle game of the CmeanGame Series.
CMeanGame-Promo 2.2

Token is moveable inside of its belonging row or column. All tokens are floating in one single layer over the game board. Tokens are divided in 4 different sets; one-set is corresponding to one-pathway. Yin Yang is the token, the background field and the missing part of each one set simultaneously. Aim of the game - match the background pattern by completing set by set of identical tokens. Hints are straight available by clicking the Hint button -

board game, brain teaser, family game, new puzzle, cmean, logic game, tic tac toe

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claviscom LOGON 7.0.4

Token (e. g. Aladdin eToken) or alternatively also an `EC MoneyCard` (with chip) and `Health Insurance Cards`. After insert your `EC MoneyCard` or `Health Insurance Card` into the smartcard READER, the Logon occurs completely automatically. With certificate-based tokens (certificate smartcard or USB-Token) you must enter only your appropriate certificate password. According to the option, the computer `Looked`, `Look out` or `Shut down` after removing

logon, smart card reader, aladdin, lock, certificate, log off, shut down, claviscom, x 509, screensaver, ec card, etoken, smart card

Double Password 1.21: Double Password: lock your computer and take your key away. No key-no access
Double Password 1.21

token, which has been previously created on a USB gadget. The third one is close to the second, yet here you cannot even work if your security token is not inserted. Thus, the highest level of security ensures that your computer works in your presence only. Your security token can be protected with a password and this only enhances your information security. However, when you try to protect your data with a usual password you face a fly in the ointment

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Switlle.Scrabble - Best WORD Game 1.0

tokens (letters). You must make new words of these tokens which will go through already set letters on the field. It is only allowed to make common nouns of the nominative case singular. It is allowed to write diminutives which have its own meaning. Shortcuts are forbidden to write. It is necessary for the words to have as many points as possible. The number of points is counted in the following way: the value of all the tokens is summed up which

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Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client 2.02: Fast and secure login to Citrix server with USB flash drive, smart card or token
Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client 2.02

tokens to ordinary USB flash drives, allows choosing the device which would best satisfy user`s needs - Mobility: The ability to store multiple connections on the same device allows users to enjoy even greater mobility already offered by Citrix. - Secure Workstation: Dekart Logon for Citrix ICA Client can be configured to either lock the workstation (Disconnect) or to log off from Citrix server upon removal of the card, hardware token or USB drive

security citrix, citrix login, biometric authentication, security device, user authentication

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